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Hi, This is Mats New Homepage

I am a pokemon wiz. my favorite ancient pokemon is Rayqasa, it's an "IT" nobody knows
if it is a boy or a girl. It lives on route 31 in the sky tower. There are 2 other ancient
pokemon Groudon and Kyogre. Groudon lives in mt. Chimny in lava. Kyogre lives in the under
water cavern in water.

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The pokemon sableye digs for its favorite food-raw gems.It is seen rarely.The easieast way
to catch it is useing a priemier ball.It is my second favorite pokemon.There is a rumor that
there mother digs for diamonds and they are used to make baby sableye eyes.


This pokemon is evee it is an extremly rare pokemon. It has several evolutions. they are:
flaron joltean vaepron umbrion espion glaciand leafion.evee is my third favorite pokemon.I had one in
my fire red version and it evolved into a joltean.






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